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I paid for my card, and I haven't seen it yet i depended on that card to get my bills in order, and buy groceries, now I can't afford to live in my home anymore, and I have no food in My house.

I want to see my card yesterday I trusted them with my last 37 dollars to get the card that will help me with things I need to take care of and Bring My wife Home She depends on me and I depend on her, I miss her very much My card if it is truly a credit card send it too me.

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Both Chris and Billy are right on. Reading the first paragraph of their letter states that the card is valid toward any purchases from credit provider specified above. Which, is Union Workers Credit Services.

Unless, you have excellent credit, why would you think they would approve you for $10,000?


Just like anything else woith the word union worker. Yes I know you union guys will be mad, but I grew up Teamsters 299.

Union cush job days are over, they were not around after they got there money... Plant closed, no bennies we were supposed to get.

No Longer Union For Life...............


Man, I Was Going To Pay My Fines Off With The Card To So I Could Get My L's Back. It Really Would Have Helped. 5% Int.



The letter I got is clear that this isn't a credit card. I didn't ***, I did a little web research and checked out their online catalog to see if there were enough products I'd buy to make it worth my while -- which is what the service is for -- and there just wasn't quite enough of what I'd need.

If someone misrepresented the service, I'm sorry. You're clearly computer literate enough to have checked on it first... I'm sorry for your troubles though.

No one can afford to throw out $20-$30 these days! Good Luck to You, Gd Bless.


Sorry sir but this isn't a credit card it's a card that only lets you purchase merchandise from this companies catalog of cheaply made products and is a scam because they lead you on to think you can use it as a credit card. I just received the letter today and even i knew to look it up online with the BBB.

Sorry you fell for their scam but you could've taken the time to research everything you do especially since how they talk in the letter makes it seem too good to be true. *** i was gonna use the money to pay a fine to make sure i didn't have to go to jail but then i read that it's only good for their personal items out of their own catalog.


you are a fool

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