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im not very happy with this. my father signed up for this because he needed this to help us get through christmas and some of next year.

this might not be alot of money to you. but this is alot of money loss for our family we DEMAND money back. or the offer you told to give us. because this is ridiculous.

its not as fair to families like ours. you dont understand how much $37 loss for our family makes us loose things we need. please give us our money back. and all the other peoples money you took.

this is not fair for anybody. it really isnt. so you need to figure out how to get us our money back. before stuff happens.

you see all these people. they want there money back too. just give us our money back.

thats all we want from you. thank you.

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Finally got my money back after 3 years. That 37$ came in handy today.

Twins needed Diapers.

Hope yours comes thru. Sad their are theives like this.

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