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I'm not sure this makes this whole thing more fishy, but there are 3 different addresses associated with this company. Dallas TX being the only part that remains consistent.

The address on the receving envelope is:

Credit Approval Dept.

1327 Empire Central DR.

P.O. Box 569799

Dallas, TX 75356-9691

address in their pre-approved letter is:

1327 Empire Central

Suite 130

Dallas, TX 75247

and finally the return envelope address:

P.O. Box 224587

Dallas TX 7522-9271

Now this may have nothing to do with the red flags regarding their offer...just thought I'd point this out.

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Santa Ana Heights, California, United States #637992

I just received this letter in the mail...


De Kalb, Mississippi, United States #622754

If you Google the address it is just an old gas station that is closed down. This is a scam


Question if the address is on the paper why hasn't anyone paid a little visit or called the local police dept I mean someone is receiving mail there this is fraud


Who in their right mind would send anybody $37 without getting anything first.That is the first RED FLAG.

Never send anybody anything upfront.In this day and age there are so many crooks you can't even believe the legit one's!


:p :zzz :( :eek :? :roll What a scam!!!!!!!! 10,000.00 credit line! :(


Wow...rec'd my letter today (5-20-11)and my return, postage paid envelope is PO Box 569799 Dallas TX 75356-9691 (also, the biz 4 digit code at end should reflect the last 4 digits in biz street address).Bottom line, bogus!

Send no money.:zzz


Jakia u should re read this post and take ur number off the internet!! This ISN'T the company haha just nice person giving people I swear...


Hello.. I send in $37 last year and haven't heard anything else from ya'll company until today...If their is any problem please feel free to call me at 443-768-4495 Thank you!


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