I received a letter in the mail today from Union Workers Credit Services stating if I send $37 I will get a 10,000.00 credit limit. I decided to do some research and found this is a scam.

Thousands of others have received this letter and some actually sent the money and never got a credit card. Instead the got 10,000.00 in coupons for various retailers. That is why it is good to do some research before diving into something head first.

There are a lot of people out there that is taking advantage of good honest people. That is called "greed".

Monetary Loss: $37.

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Keithville, Louisiana, United States #888249

I received this letter in the mail and I knew they were tripping you got to be *** if you think all people are gonna fall for that you need to get a life instead of mooching off other people theres no way you gonna get my $37 dollars

Houston, Texas, United States #881103

i received the same letter in the mail asking for $37.00..to get $10,000.00 i was very concern because it says :bank affiliation :none.. how can you have a platinum visa or master card without a bank involvement..so i look for reviews and it was bad..i am so glad i check into this...it is a scam...how can these people be shut down??so if you get one of these letters...trash it...10/07/2014


I saw this one coming at a five mile radius as soon as I opened my "letter of opportunity" earlier today, first and foremost, an approval number never contains commas...I'm letting my family and close friends know, so that they're aware of, yet, another sweet deal, translation--blatant SCAM!!!

Scammers, umm, word of advice--not everyone is that gullible, so enough already...

Buchanan Dam, Texas, United States #855528

I just received this in the mail I am glade I checked on it. I knew it was to good to be true.

Wichita Falls, Texas, United States #842558

I once received similar letter from UWCS several years ago, I paid the $37 hoping to receive the $10,000

credit card as promised but instead UWCS sent me coupons and no card. I wanted to call them but no contact phone.

I became suspicious of them. I wrote a letter to express my complaints and requested for the refund of my money, no respond till today.

This afternoon 07/18/2014, I received another letter asking me to pay $37 for a $10,000 credit card again and them decided to check for more info about them online only to find out several other people are affected. I hope the Law Enforcement Authorities

will take necessary action to stop these Frauds and deal with them accordingly.

Thank you for the info from your website.


I just got this letter a few days ago. A person in my current financial situation could sure use something like this...........IF IT WAS LEGIT!

Thankfully I was smart enough to realize that it might be a scam and then verified it here.

Sunnyvale, California, United States #825940

I taped the no postage necessary envelope to a box with a brick in it. Will go in the mail tomorrow.


Since they bought a prepaid postage envelope, everyone should respond with a "scammer" comment and they will either be billed a bunch of money or will be investigated by USPS.

Eugene, Oregon, United States #812225
I got this letter also. I belonged to a Union some yrs.

ago,and recently got a Credit card,( a legit one), so I figured it was another company offering me a card based on my good payment record with the other one. I am Disabled and could put that credit line to a good use..or so I thought. I sent the 37.00 bucks in. Haven't heard anything at all, so I decided to check it out.

This site was one of the first to pop up. Lo and behold, it seems I got had. I'm a bit embarrassed that I got scammed, but not as much as I'm angry.
Well thanks for the info. I will most certainly be more careful in the future and will report this to the Post Master.
Dang !!

At least that is ALL I lost.Still not happy about that either. :(
to Gulible Everett, Washington, United States #812463

I also received same offer from union workers credit services.

I too belonged to a union and disabled so like yourself

The 10,000 would have been nice to have for unexpected events

Instead I send my money to these people and wait for the mail to bring

My platinum card but nothing ever comes. I get another offer from these scammers

The nerve of people. $37.00 isn't much but today every penny counts!


What a bunch of *** bags. Why can't the authorities track these people down and do something about it. They need to go to jail to deter others from taking advantage of hard working regular citizens.


I will past this letter from union workers credit services to the Post Master at the United Postal Service. Whenever you receive something of fraud in the mail you should take or mail (forward) to the. Post Master General.


I received this same letter yesterday. Today, I thought, I'd sign the stub and get it ready for the morning mail pick up.

Yesterday, looking at the letter's return address, I already thought the name of the "Bank" to be strange, then reading the letter this morning I noticed that 'Union Workers Credit Services' it not affiliated with any bank at all, and that all purchases are solely to be made from them, and that this card cannot be used as a regular multi-purpose credit card. I wanted to know what UWCS is selling, so I typed in their name into my web browser, and you're the first site that popped up.

Thanks to you, I won't be getting scammed. Thanks for the heads up!

Clearwater, Florida, United States #810676

My name is James A. Long i am a disabled gentleman, living on SS. Disability, and I received the same letter in the mail and was looking into it and found your review and would like to say thank you very much for bringing this to my attention.

Indianapolis, Indiana, United States #809570

I got the *** scam sent to me and guessed its the change of address company working for postal that sold my name to these scammers, no other way to have it notice other offers too


I'm pretty sure this company targets consumers who don't have the best credit. When I received this letter, I knew it was bull because no credit card company would give me $10,000.00 with my credit rating. Shame on them for taking advantage of people who really need credit and can't afford to spend $37.00

to Anonymous Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #842993

I have great credit and received this silly letter today. It's just a fishing expedition and they'll take anyone's $37. I only hope that most people that are hoping this is real, send money orders and not a personal check...

I also received the letter. THANK YOU for update :)
Folsom, California, United States #805640

Thank you for posting warning. I'm sure glad I took the time to look this up and that folks like you considerate enough to warn others.

Right on!


Bigg cujo yes I received the same letter in the mail from union workers credit union for 37 dollars I got slayed as well from them so anyone else don't fall for the gimmick.

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