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I have received the 10K offer with 37$ initial pay. I was wondering how come some one offer such a good credit line.

Then i googled for more information. After checking your reviews about the scam, i have teared the letter.

I wonder how they are still able cheat people like this. Isnt it time some one act on this kind of fradulanet schemes?

Anyway, I am glad i made my research to find this out. What you guys are putting up here is very helpful. This will really help people from knowing about such scams.

Thanks for the help.

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I wonder if UNION WORKERS CREDIT SERVICES is doing fund raising for O'Bama since union money got him elected the first time. Taking $37 from unknown people is the same as stealing.

Everyone that sent in $37 and did not get repaid, needs to file a police report or contact a major television station and let them know what happened. These people belong in jail or they need to repay.


Union Workers Credit Services, what a big scam...... Besides that, I wish all these credit companies would stop sending approval letters cause you know, they still go by your credit history. That is why they always deny you when you sign up.


Thanks,for posting your comments. All of them made me aware of this scamshxx. Specially the one posted by Donald H.


I stuffed the return envelope with as much other useless junk mail that would fit. Return address,

Ben Dover

11 Lollipop Lane

Rainbow, Fl


Hey her`s a idea why dont we all get down on there level and file a Class Action Lawsuit and put this company out the door, Who`s aboard?


This company is a "Complete Fraud" you pay $37.00 then a year membership fee. Then when you order a item you pay a P.I.H.

fee on each item. P.I.H. is postage,Insurance,Handling fee. Before you can even purchase anything.

Where`s are Attorney General at this is Consumer Fraud!!!You can go to Rent-a-Center,Aarons,Color/Time and get the same items for much cheaper then these Rip-Off`s.

So my advice keep your money in your pockets this is a Scam,Joke,RipOff. And last but not least you Consumer Credit Union Workers schould be "Ashamed" of you self`s scamming hard working people`s dollar with the name Union in it.


i just got a union workers previlege card and i cant even use it i only have 12 numbers on the card i just dont think its real


Only an *** would put the Union Workers Credit Services company in a list called "something negative about every company". My guess? Llib is a plant from this evil wicked organization that, frankly, should be run out of the country!


If you look hard enough you can find something negative about every company in business.


Thanks for your feedback on them, Everyone!

I received the same letter/offer and was going to join. It pays to do some looking into before you join anything these days.

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