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I work. Always struggled as a single mom.

My kids are thank you for everything they have. Making them hahhy any seeing a smile onctherd face is priscless . My kids tell its thought that counts.we have srtrugged in live. And im very exciyrd ti give them things they beencwanting for years.

My kids are my life hsvent had icome to fullfill there Christmas.. my kids dont havealot and thid is out only change to put a prrtty smile on there face. My christmas will be the best to see there happiness. My children arey eork.

I work but dont make much money.I'm asking you please help with making christmas there dream Christmas. Thanks, Susan Smith

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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States #907710

Did you make it past the first grade? You show a lack of education. Perhaps you should let mommy help you write your letter!

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