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I'm vulnerable now because if my past and I really thought it was a second chance but I am all cried out. Just another obstacle for me just pray that I get stronger .

Chynagirl 71 its too bad that people don't believe in second chances or even a better life or opportunities that everyone deserves a better or a exceptional life that meets a higher standard if this can only touch those people hearts for what they done to many families and how much this effect the impact of families I couldn't afford the fee but I thought it would be a second chance for my family. I hope the people who done this that it has an effect on their lives like it done mine.

Monetary Loss: $37.

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HolyshitNshinola! I can't even pray for a second chance at reading or even remotely comprehending that pile of excrement above.

What in the universe wrote that? A being from another planet? You lost hope and are all cried out from sucubussing the life out of all creatures on your world and now you need earthlings to lean on?

Well, boy-howdee, are you in for a pleasant surprise on this site! You'll make LOTS of new friends xoxo

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