I have been receiving this letter from union workers credit services for about five years now and I have noticed that they are consistently changing the address around.S.C.A.M!!!!

this is too good to be true,I have never applied for a credit card ever that i had to give up money for in order to receive it, maybe there was a fee for the card but it is usually deducted from the actual card once activated.

Save your thirty seven dollars and spend it on yourself or give it to someone in need instead of just throwing it away.

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Redwood City, California, United States #913207

I don't get it.I sent $37 to Union Workers Credit Services and a recieved a paper card in the mail and I read all of the fine print on the site and on the letter and it was completely evident to me that the $10,000 credit line was for their merchandise only.

I ordered an expensive phonograph at a comparable price to other places and they sent it to me.

I have been paying on it each month.

The only thing wrong is that their website has been shut down for maintenance for a long time now, so I'm unable to order anything more.But they haven't ripped me off, they've sent what I purchased so my experience is completely different than others.


Seal the return envelope and send it back to them, they'll have to pay the postage when it arrives.


Those people who are responding to this site, who say it is good must work for them...save your $37...fools


So got this scam in the mail today. I've never ran into a credit company that you prepay them anything. So got on this site and saw both sides to the story. Some say its a scam others say don't be an *** and listen to everyone else blah blah blah. Well I went to the site and entered my pre- approval # I got this message:

Your PRE-APPROVED status expired on 2/4/2009!

However, we have given you a special extension.

Please cross out the old expiration date on your Pre-Approval Letter and in its place put 1/20/2014 with the initials of "WEB".

Act soon to avoid further expiration of your status!!

So this right here tells me its a scam... How could I just get this in the mail and it expire 4 years ago? Think twice people and get fked if you want.

to Red #761789

I sent them the letter back with shet and dbag juice.


for every one who thinks it is a scam send the $37 refondeble dollars and find out by your self, I did and don't regret it,thanks to my $10,000 credit limit, NOT VISA CARD I can take all my family for vacation with out taking out of my saving for the plain ticket or hotel even for car rental just just check them out $37 will not hert you and will be acredited to your firs porches

to javi #762164

I sent mine off too, so hopefully I get something back, I.really need this

to javi Denver, Colorado, United States #896878

if u guys really believe some guy named "javi" is not a person involved in the scam your deserve to lose $37.look at his broken englsh grammar...

"plain ticket "" hert accredited firs porches"?? come on people. My wife got this in the mail today and she has no credit what so ever so I knew it was bogus. it only took me 5 mins of research to find that out...


I have 3 credit cards bank of America and capital one and have never paid a fee up front to receive my card...

Denver is smarter then that.

P.S.def send the envelope back so they do have to pay for the postage..


I got this offer in today's mail and thought it was too good to be true.So I GOOGLED the company, only to read what a SCAM this is.

SO, I decided to put MY SPERM into a Ziplock Baggie and sent my Personal thoughts to them, In their Postage-Paid Envelope, Just so "They had to pay to receive My Sperm".



send them a blank piece of paper in the return envelope so they have to pay the postage :grin :grin :grin

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